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Reiki Master Teacher, Women's Empowerment Coach, Massage Therapist, Pure BioEnergy Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Speaker, International Retreat Host

I am so glad the universe brought you here today!

It probably means you are looking to create a big shift in your life, and I am here to help you do that!!

If you are feeling rundown, tired, unmotivated, anxious, tense, constantly in pain, or any or all of the above- you are in the right place. 

It is time for you to fall in love with taking care of yourself. 

It is time to break up with the limiting self-belief systems that you have created and find happiness and abundance in all areas of your life.  


You deserve to be happy. You are so worth it.

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Bio-energy Therapy
Functional Massage
Crystal Healing
Trauma Informed Healing
Chakra Balancing
Essential Oils
Therapeutic Yoga
Women's Empowerment Coach
Business Success Coach

All services are available A'La Carte, but optimal results are achieved by combining a variety of modalities.

Healing is a journey. Are you ready to take it?

The fact that you made it here to my page means you are ready to do some work.


You are ready to invest into yourself.


And you, and your amazing, talented, beautiful-souled self deserve this!


I hear you thinking- “Obviously, this lady doesn’t know me. I am none of those things!”


You are SO wrong!


You are talented beyond belief, loved by many, and so uniquely you- it is the absolute BEST!


I love who you are and I know you have great things coming your way.

Again, I see you thinking- “this lady really doesn’t know me.”


But, I’ve been exactly where you are, and I know the way your feeling.


I know exactly what its like to be filled with doubt, anxiety, fear, and have no self worth.


And that is exactly why I do the work that I do.


I have created radical changes in my life, and I want to help others do the same.


What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!


Let's Connect

Life is busy.


Before I become just another open browser on your tab, drop your information below so we can connect. 

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