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Meet Maria.

Growing up in the metro-Detroit area there was no importance put on our health.


Physical, emotional or energetic.

And boy, could I have used some energetic help back then.

I experienced a lot of trauma and pain throughout my early years.

It impacted me physically and emotionally. 

My case of TMJ was so extreme from clenching in anxiousness, I could not even open my mouth most mornings.


I would get panic attacks and I was in constant pain.

I would neglect and disrespect myself.


I had no boundaries or self esteem. My internal dialogue was garbage and so was the way I was living.

​Shoot, I even suffered from horrible nightmares. I couldn't escape myself even in my sleep!

Really, I was out of control and I hit my bottom at a young age.

Right after I (barely) graduated high school at 18, I moved to Florida from Metro-Detroit, Michigan.

I had never worked out a day in my life, but I decided to move across the country and attend personal training school.

To a place where I knew no one, I had nothing, and no money.


Seriously, I even almost got kicked out of school three-quarters of a way through the program because my loan didn’t go through.

It was the second best, worst decision of my life (the first would be the dog I got during this time).

If I stayed where I was, my life would have turned out much different and I probably wouldn't be here for you today.

Through this time here, I began to create a better relationship with my body. 

When I was 15, I was overweight and at my heaviest weighed 170 pounds. I lost a lot of weight, unhealthily, and had a severe case of body dysmorphia.


I had never had a physical connection with myself before and here, I started to get into my body. 

I started to see myself in a different light through this program.

The school also offered Massage Therapy, something I considered as a career when I was younger...but at 18 I was kinda grossed out at the thought of touching someone.

After school, I got a job at the gas station next to my house (I didn’t have a car) and worked there for almost a year.


It was the recession, and no one wanted a personal trainer, and I had ridiculous (14% interest) student loans to pay for. 

I settled here.

Then, Labor Day morning of 2007, I was working the cash register and was robbed at gunpoint. 

Another traumatic, but life changing event. 

That day, I signed up for massage school and started 2 weeks later when I was 19.

Becoming a Massage Therapist at such a young age was the biggest gift of my lifetime. 

I began to explore the body, the mind, and energy healing.


I began to learn more about the intricacies of these delicate systems and how they are so closely related. 

It opened my eyes to a new way of healing, and really, to a new way of living.

​Over the years, I have continued to deepen my studies and understanding of the healing process.  

I have owned my own healing business for the last 11 years and helped hundreds of people to improve their quality of life, live pain free, break up with stress, boost their businesses, maximize their mindset, and fall in love with themselves again.

My approach is multifaceted, integrating a variety of healing modalities. There is not any one thing that gets the best result and my passion lies in helping people to discover what works best for them.   

Taking my health and happiness into my own hands allowed me to create a life and business I never thought I was worthy of, and I’d love to help you do the same in your life. 

Live Optimally


You’ve probably got a lot going on right now.


Truth is, there IS a lot going on right now.


Between handling life's many responsibilities- home, work, relationships, and just being a functioning, contributing member of society in general, you keep finding yourself resorting to autopilot just to get everything handled on your never-ending to-do list.


Just living out the motions, day to day and never taking time for yourself.


You feel stuck and you can’t quite figure it out.


You do all the things- yoga, green smoothies, organic food, and whatever else you hear about that seems like it may shift your energy or raise your vibration... You’ve even had a few breakthroughs here and there...but nothing that has seemed to last. 


You really are doing your best.


We just really were never taught how to take care of ourselves.


How to harness our energy and our divine power.


How to set intentions to manifest the things we want most from life.


To heal our energetic centers and raise our vibrations.

That is where I come in. 

I want to help you shift your shift your energy and raise your vibe. To discover a new way of thinking and help you feel balanced, joyful, and pain free. 

Together, we take the journey back to you and explore different modalities and treatment methods to develop a system that works best for you.

I can't do the work for you, but I would be honored to walk along side you on your healing journey.

The only thing you have to lose is stress, anxiety, pain, mental fog, negative thought patterns, anger, resentment, feeling helpless and out of control in your life.

If you're ready to break up with feeling stuck, I would love to set up a time to chat and talk more about how we can work together. 


Send me a message today!

My Approach
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