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Join me for a 10-week journey through the Chakras.

Light up your



Shake the story that you have been clinging to.

All the untruths you've been claiming as your own.

The stories that hold us back. 

Keeping us stuck and in the dark.

Rereading the same chapter over and over again.

Claiming that one chapter as your whole life.

You don't have to live like that. 

You are allowed to write a new chapter.

F it.  You are actually allowed to write a whole new book.

Filled with chapters of love, light, joy, and expansion.

Love for yourself.

Love for others.

Love for life.

As we better understand ourselves energetically, we can begin to make massive transformations in our lives.

Your story is your power.

Stop running from it.

Stop running from yourself.

It's time to embody who TF you are and break free from the shackles of fear, worry, guilt, pain, and shame. 

You weren't put on this planet to suffer. 

Let's glow my friend 

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