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Align: 10 Week Chakra Discovery

Align: 10 Week Chakra Discovery

This 10 week journey begins on November 6th and takes us into the New Year.


What a perfect time to begin this in-depth journey into you.


The deeper understanding that we can have of this intricate system the more we can shed the heavy layers we have built within our chakra system and begin to live lighter (in so many ways).


As we better understand ourselves energetically, we can begin to

✨manage our mood

✨lower stress levels

✨ease feelings of anxiousness

✨rewire neural pathways

✨establish boundaries

✨improve tension in the body and mind

✨overcome self-limiting beliefs

✨breakup with people pleasing


You have the power to transform your world, my friend.


Actually, the only person who can do it is you. 


I am simply here to be a guide as you grow along this journey. 


But, ultimately, I can't do the work for you.  Only you can do that.


If you are ready to flip the switch and light up your life, this course is the perfect place to start.


Let's glow together, my friend ✨


This course is broken down into 3 segments so you have time to practice and integrate the information that we learn for each energetic center.


This 10-Week course includes:

-30 minute weekly live group video call for each chakra (call recording available)

-30 minute yoga sequence per segment

-Healing Tools for each chakra

-5 minute breathwork practice per segment

-Playlist for each Segment

-Journal Prompts for each chakra

-15 minute chakra balancing meditation recording by Maria

-30 minute remote or in person energy work sesion with Maria 

-Support throughout the 10 weeks from Maria


Course Schedule:


Segment 1:

Root Chakra- November 6

Sacral Chakra- November 13


Integration Week- November 20


Segment 2:

Solar Plexus- November 27

Heart- December 4th

Throat- December 11th


Integration Weeks- December 18th and 25th


Segment 3:

3rd Eye- January 1

Crown- January 8


We will seal our time together with a final discussion about energetic wellness and maintaining balance within our chakras and a virtual dance party to celebrate our amazing selves and this journey we went on together!


If you want 2024 to be the year you stop making resolutions and start embracing how badass and incredible you are, now is the season to start.


You got this!!


Let's glow ✨

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