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I began my journey into yoga because I had been experiencing chronic shoulder pain for several years. Luckily, I got into the right field young because regular Deep Tissue massage and frequent adjustments from the Chiropractor helped to keep my pain at bay.  However, the nagging, annoyance of it always lingered.  Finally, in 2011,I wanted to achieve pain relief naturally, and I turned to yoga.  Yoga was something that I had often recommended to clients to assist with stretching tight muscles, stress and pain relief.  However, it was something I never seriously committed to until then.


  When I first started doing yoga, Bow pose was something that was not possible to me because it would cause numbness down the left arm for hours at a time. It took a few months until I was able to fully do the pose.  Around the time I was able to do Bow pose, I woke up one morning noticing that I did not really have shoulder pain.  I thought about it and I realized it had been awhile since I had actually experienced that pain in my shoulder!


  Relief from chronic pain is only one of the many benefits that yoga has provided me with on this journey.   Every time you step onto your yoga mat, you will be presented with a new experience that is unique to you.  The benefits of yoga go far beyond the physical, and I invite you to explore these benefits every time you are on your mat. 




Join me for Yoga:


Monday (Warm Yoga)- 12:00 pm at Sweetwater Yoga and Fitness 

Tuesday (Warm Yoga)-7:30 pm at Sweetwater Yoga and Fitness

Thursday (Basic Yoga)- 10:30 am at Sweetwater Yoga and Fitness




Also available for Private Sessions, Family Yoga and Corporate Yoga! Call Maria Sellars at 407-506-5215

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